Marcie Aboff

The Giant Jelly Bean Jar

"...This book holds its own with the best of Cynthia Rylant's "Henry and Mudge" titles in terms of writing and illustration. With its drama, alliteration, and wonderful depiction of a shy child breaking through a barrier, this is a winner". -

School Library Journal


"...the tasty rhyming riddles make words part of the fun..." -



-- The Hot Shots -- The 6th graders and the teachers battle it out on the basketball court! Who's in charge now?

--- Raising Pilot --- Hayley loves her puppy, Pilot. She's raising him to be a guide dog, but when the time comes to give him away, she can't part with her beloved dog...

Shared Reading and Leveled Books


Read It! Readers - Math

No one believes Dan and Sue when they say they're building a snowman as tall as a tree. Does their snowman really MEASURE up?

Teen superstar Flory Glory is coming to the Pizza Palace and Lucy can't wait! But when Flory arrives with her poodle, hairdresser, trainer, and the rest of her gang, it's more than a FRACTION of fun!

Sam is so excited for his pool birthday party, but each time he plans it, the TEMPERATURE is out of wack! Will he ever have his party?

When Rachel helps Mr. Thomas with his tomato crop, the tomatoes don't stop growing! See how Rachel makes a DIFFERENCE with the tomatoes - and with Mr. Thomas, too.

Mike is on the case to solve a "Dino Spy - Private Eye" mystery. Acting like a detective makes all the DIFFERENCE!

After Troy's teacher talks to the class about scales, Troy thinks of a great guessing game for the class. 'WEIGHT' until you see what's hidden in Troy's mystery bags.

What tastes better - pink or yellow lemonade? It all ADDS up to a lemonade stand-off for Jen and her friends!

Children's Author Marcie Aboff

Welcome! I am a children's author of fiction and nonfiction picture books, chapter books, activity books, and magazine stories for children from preschool - middle school.

If you're an educator for grades K-6, you're probably familiar with my leveled and guided reading books. Many of my books are correlated to core curriculum standards, with Reading Recovery, Lexile, and DRA leveling.

Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Books

From fancy fish to babbling birds to rowdy reptiles, my 'Pop's Pet Store' series engages early readers

My single-title F & P books are full of surprises to spark reading interest .

I love visiting schools to talk to the students about books, writing, and creative ways they can enhance their own writing. I offer a variety of lively presentations geared for specific grade levels or school assembly programs.

I also present childhood literacy programs for educators and parents. Programs feature easy and engaging tips and activities to create a literacy-rich home environment - which in turn will impact children's literacy skills at school.

Click on PRESENTATIONS and CALENDAR above for more information.

Contact me to receive FREE copies of my magazine stories published in Highlights for Children, Spider, and others. I have also included some helpful links (on the bottom right) about children's writing for both adults and students.

Happy Reading!

Some great jelly bean artwork based on my book 'The Giant Jelly Bean Jar'

A boy is bored with research for his school report so he decides to visit the Arctic and learn about polar bears firsthand! Check out the other books in the series on tigers, monkeys, crocodiles and more

Fantastic Fruits - one of six books in the 'Healthy Eating' series

This colorful healthy eating series features six books based on the USDA dietary guidelines - Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Protein, Dairy, and Snacks.

In my school visit program , I talk about the writing and research for these nonfiction graphic books and the students have fun with my 'Fact or Fiction' food guessing game.


My three 'Data Mania' books have been selected as winners in the Teachers' Choice Awards by Learning magazine!

'Everyone Feels' Series - Books that Reach Out to the Youngest Children in Anti-Bullying Programs

EVERYONE FEELS Series - 4 new books - Scared, Sad, Happy and Angry

Everyone Feels Scared Sometimes - and everyone feels sad, happy, and angry sometimes, too. Bright illustrations and simple text show pre-school and early elementary school children productive and healthy ways to express their feelings - and understand and develop empathy for other peoples feelings.

**Review from 'Books That Heal'** - "These books are SUPER user friendly and can be used in a multipurpose fashion. I know I'm not going to lose my audience. There's a lot of books out there explaining what a feeling is...but these go further. It teaches kids it's sometimes necessary to do something with those feelings. Do something positive."

Students create their own t-shirt bulletin board after reading my book 'The Hot Shots'

Talented 6th graders draw the cover of 'Raising Pilot'

Selected Books

A "tasty" easy-to-read!
A rhyming, riddle story at Jo-Jo's Jumbo Jelly Bean Shop. Can YOU guess the jelly bean flavor?
A Variety of Nonfiction
Appealing, informative nonfiction books to spark interest and curiosity!
Especially For Schools - Leveled Reading Books!
Character-building stories with a little heart, a little humor, and some twists and turns along the way ...
Fiction - Ages 7-10
Hayley is thrilled when she begins raising a guide-dog puppy, but when the time comes to give Pilot up, Hayley isn't sure she can.
Fiction - Ages 4 - 8
Kyle's favorite uncle likes to tickle the kids - but Kyle doesn't like it. How can he say "no" to his beloved Uncle?
Fiction - Ages 9 - 12
A 6th grade student vs. teacher basketball game is at stake. Brian is the captain of the Hot Shots, but he's only a fair player at best - He just knows the 6th graders are going to get slaughtered!
Fiction - Ages 7 - 9
Linx are the cool new building toys that all the kids love to play with. But can Kyle's model beat the others?
Fiction - Ages 8 - 11
Josh is feeling terrible-his very best friend has just moved away. He even loses his best 'Razzle Stones.' Nothing could be worse until.....
Fiction - Ages 5 - 7
Hootie, a great horned owl, has finally found the perfect tree to live in...until the other birds in the tree have a different idea..
Fiction - Ages 4 - 7
Sidney always blinks whenever his picture is taken. Will he EVER keep his eyes open?
Fun Activity Books
Everybody's favorite big red dog, CLIFFORD, is back with my four activity books.
Fun activity books based on movies like Shrek, Madagascar, Over the Hedge, and Holly Hobby!
Magazine Stories
Stories in 'Highlights For Children', 'Spider' and others. Contact me for FREE copies!