Start them reading young! (This is a picture of my oldest son when he was 2 years old - he's now 30. He's checking out the car sales in the newspaper - and he still loves cars now!)

What they're saying...

"The students, teachers and I all enjoyed your visit! You inspired us with your group assembly and the writing workshops helped everyone. We all had lots of fun getting to know you."

Eloise Costello
Woodruff School
Berkeley Heights, N.J.

Talented 6th graders draw the cover of 'Raising Pilot'

Thank you so much for providing such useful literacy information for our families! They really enjoyed the presentation and it was wonderful to see the line for purchasing books and getting autographs. Thanks again for your time and insight. We know it was beneficial to everyone who came.

Amy Rudnick
Reading Interventionist
Lindenau Elementary School, Edison, NJ

Artwork by Jonathon and Amish 2nd Grade - Menlo Park School Edison, N.J.

"Thank you for the excellent presentations you provided for our students at our 'Young Authors Conference.' You addressed them as the authors they are and provided them with insights that will help them develop their own stories. Your presentations were captivating and your enthusiasm contagious. Hopefully you will return in the future to share your experiences with our young authors... -

-Katherine Makela
District Language Arts Consultant
Barnegat Township Schools

With some proud authors for Young Author's Day

"Thank you for visiting Gillette School. The kids really enjoyed it. You were able to keep their attention and teach them something at the same time - not easy with first graders!..."

Diane Costa
PTA President
Gillette School
Long Hill, N.J.

"Our class really enjoyed your visit to Menlo Park School! You inspired many of our children to be writers and gave others ideas for stories. We greatly appreciate that you took the time to share your expertise with us!" -

Linda Rifkin,
5th Grade Teacher
Menlo Park School
Edison, N.J.

"It was a pleasure having Marcie Aboff present her writing program at our summer children's writers workshop. Her enthusiasm and genuine interest in the children's stories truly made her program special." -

Katherine Liss
Children's Librarian
Metuchen Public Library
Metuchen, N.J.


Artwork by Derek, 1st grade, Salt Brook School New Providence, N.J.

"Thank you for coming to see the third graders and talking about being an author and how to be a good writer. We love your stories! We all hope you can come back to see us again."

3rd Grade
Ross St. School
Woodbridge, N.J.

"I really liked your magazine story, "The Alien in Apt. 4B." It was funny. I liked the idea sheets. It really helped. I'm going to write my own story called, "When I go to Mars."

4th grade
Menlo Park School


Some story character props that I bring to school visits

Marcie's Presentations

See below for information about School Visits, Childhood Literacy Programs, Camp Programs and more!


One of my favorite parts of writing children's books is visiting schools, libraries, and bookstores. It's always exciting to see the children's faces light up when they meet a 'live' author and in turn it gives me such a lift to know that I might be contributing to the children's love of reading and writing.

I’ve been told I have a talent for connecting with kids of all ages – whether I’m speaking with younger children and keeping their attention and focus, or talking with older kids and making it informative and entertaining (with some humor and occasional 'attitude' thrown in for good measure...!)

My programs are very interactive and I encourage the children to participate. Depending on the program, the younger students will have lots of fun guessing jellybean riddles from my book, The Giant Jelly Bean Jar, or they'll learn a variety of ways to handle their emotions - with the help of lively puppets - based on my books in the Everyone Feels series.

Older students will enhance their own writing with my Creative Concepts writing program, or they can learn how I research and write non-fiction based on my new series of graphic Healthy You nutrition books.

See my school programs below -

Assembly program or for smaller groups. With lots of story character props like crazy hats, a grandmothers quilted blanket, a basketball from a student-teacher basketball game, etc., I talk about my life as an author, how I get my story ideas, the people that work together to make a book, as well as rejections, persistence, and more.
---- This program is about 45 minutes.

CREATIVE CONCEPTS - What's YOUR Story? Grades 3-6
With idea-generating exercises and the power of their imaginations, the students get very involved creating and writing their own stories. We talk about the beginning, middle, turning point, and end of stories, as well as vocabulary choices, description, dialogue, show-don't-tell, and more. Students keep the writing packet which includes story idea sheets, writing tips, and young author resources to learn more about the writing and publishing process.
--- This program is about 1 hour

New! CREATIVE CONCEPTS - What's YOUR Story? Grades 1-2
With engaging activities and simple models from my own stories, students will develop and enhance skills to create and write their own personal nonfiction narratives or imaginative fiction stories.
--- This program is about 1 hour

This program combines information on writing nonfiction and the research of my healthy food graphic chapter books. The children will see my drafts and revisions, learn why I chose certain vocabulary and topics, and discover my process of conveying the information in an orderly sequence. The students will also have fun with my 'Fact or Fiction Food Guessing Game'.
--This program is about 1 hour.

In addition, I'm pleased that on select dates and upon request, doctor/​nutritionist and community speaker Dr. Joel Schwartz can accompany me to give first-hand expert information about the importance of healthy food choices. Dr. Schwartz speaks to children and adults at schools, libraries, community centers and to groups such as Kiwanis and MENSA. Please contact me for details.

LAUGH, CRY, SMILE ... TRY - Grades PreK - 2
Based on my books, Everyone Feels Scared Sometimes and Everyone Feels Sad Sometimes (and two other books in the series about feeling happy and angry), young children will learn a variety of productive ways to express their feelings. With amusing puppets, lively reading, and animated exercises, the children will also learn empathy for other people's feelings. This presentation has been praised by educators for tying into their anti-bullying programs.
----This program is about 45 minutes

STORY FUN - Grades PreK -2
Assembly program or for smaller groups. The children help me 'read' my stories and have lots of fun acting out with bear puppets and guessing jelly bean rhymes (and sometimes they come up with their own rhymes!) There is a lot of interaction and in-place movement.
----This program is about 45 minutes.


*** NUMBER OF PRESENTATIONS: Up to 4 presentations (plus optional book-signing session) for a full day visit. (Local half-day and single session visits can also be arranged.)

*** NUMBER OF STUDENTS: I can do assembly-style presentations as well as full grades, combinations of grades and single classrooms of students.

If you are interested in learning more about my school visits, including fees and scheduling, please e-mail me.

Celebrating with teachers for Dr. Seuss's Birthday


For Educators
Parenting Groups
Family Literacy Nights

Developing and fostering children's literacy skills is a team effort between teachers and parents. I'll provide easy and engaging ways to weave literacy throughout a family's busy day - which in turn will impact children's literacy skills at school. Many activities can also be used in the classroom and for family literacy nights.

Program can be geared to educators or directly to parents/​families, with a general scope of literacy activities from pre-readers to preteens or targeted to specific age groups.

-- Create a stimulating home reading environment
-- Fun activities to encourage reading from pre-readers to preteens
-- Reading on the go
-- The role of dogs (yes dogs!) and other proven methods to help struggling readers

-- Help children generate ideas for stories they will want to write
-- Creative activities to improve writing skills
-- Using children's favorite TV shows, video games, and music as impetus for writing
-- Online and printed resources for children who like to write (and also for those who like to draw) so they can learn more about the writing and publishing process


Fun in the Sun

My camp presentations feature a variety of imaginative and lively activities, while fostering reading and writing skills in a relaxed, comfortable ‘summer time’ setting. With props like a beach ball and Frisbee, along with lively guessing games and interactive activities, I can assure that your campers will have fun (and learn something at the same time!)

Activities range from book making to book charades. Contact me for details on my different kinds of camp programs.


Get Your Students
Excited about Writing!

How many times have you asked your students to write a story or give them a writing task and they say they say they have NOTHING to write about? Surprise them with all they DO have to write about - and give them the tools they'll need to make their writing come to life!

I'll share tips on generating all kinds of writing. With lively, active exercises, the students will discover the importance of the story arch, vocabulary choices, description, dialogue, 'show don't tell' - plus lots more. The skills students learn writing stories they care about will carry over to expository writing and other writing coursework.

I am available for teacher in-service days and group/​conference workshops. Contact me for more details.

Selected Books

A "tasty" easy-to-read!
A rhyming, riddle story at Jo-Jo's Jumbo Jelly Bean Shop. Can YOU guess the jelly bean flavor?
A Variety of Nonfiction
Appealing, informative nonfiction books to spark interest and curiosity!
Especially For Schools - Leveled Reading Books!
Character-building stories with a little heart, a little humor, and some twists and turns along the way ...
Fiction - Ages 7-10
Hayley is thrilled when she begins raising a guide-dog puppy, but when the time comes to give Pilot up, Hayley isn't sure she can.
Fiction - Ages 4 - 8
Kyle's favorite uncle likes to tickle the kids - but Kyle doesn't like it. How can he say "no" to his beloved Uncle?
Fiction - Ages 9 - 12
A 6th grade student vs. teacher basketball game is at stake. Brian is the captain of the Hot Shots, but he's only a fair player at best - He just knows the 6th graders are going to get slaughtered!
Fiction - Ages 7 - 9
Linx are the cool new building toys that all the kids love to play with. But can Kyle's model beat the others?
Fiction - Ages 8 - 11
Josh is feeling terrible-his very best friend has just moved away. He even loses his best 'Razzle Stones.' Nothing could be worse until.....
Fiction - Ages 5 - 7
Hootie, a great horned owl, has finally found the perfect tree to live in...until the other birds in the tree have a different idea..
Fiction - Ages 4 - 7
Sidney always blinks whenever his picture is taken. Will he EVER keep his eyes open?
Fun Activity Books
Everybody's favorite big red dog, CLIFFORD, is back with my four activity books.
Fun activity books based on movies like Shrek, Madagascar, Over the Hedge, and Holly Hobby!
Magazine Stories
Stories in 'Highlights For Children', 'Spider' and others. Contact me for FREE copies!