The Giant Jellybean Jar *************

Raising Pilot ***************

Uncle Willy's Tickles ***************

The Hot Shots ***************

Building a Winner ***************

Josh and T.J.

Hootie Joins In

Open Your Eyes, Sidney Miffet!


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The Giant Jelly Bean Jar
Dutton Books (hardcover)
Puffin Books (paperback

Ben loves jelly beans, and he and his sister Jill love going to Jo-Jo's Jumbo Jelly Bean shop. Every Saturday, Jo-Jo holds a riddle contest. He reads a riddle and the kids have to guess the correct jelly bean flavor. Ben always knows the jelly bean flavor, but he is too shy to speak up. Ben wants to be a 'Jelly Bean Prince' more than anything. Will he ever be able to raise his hand and give the answer to the jelly bean riddle?


Lively Nonfiction
Learn about forecasting weather and the tools a doctor uses to keep you well. 'Travel' to India or Guatemala by just opening a book. Are you odd? Maybe you're even - Find out here!


Leveled Reading Booklets
A selection of leveled reading books - entertaining and thought-provoking stories at just the right reading level.


Raising Pilot
Celebration Press - Pearson Learning

Hayley is thrilled when her family decides to raise a guide-dog puppy and is even more excited when she gets to be Pilot's "main" puppy raiser. Hayley learns raising this puppy is a lot of fun but also filled with challenges and responsibilities, like attending puppy training classes, getting Pilot accustomed to other people and animals, and helping Pilot learn the special skills he will need to become a successful guide-dog. But for Hayley, the hardest part of raising a guide-dog puppy is the time she has to let go of her beloved dog.


Uncle Willy's Tickles -Now in it's second printing!
Magination Press

Kyle enjoys his Uncle Willy's visits but needs to find a way to tell his uncle that he doesn't like being tickled. Kyle's story helps young children learn how to say no and realize that they have power over their own bodies when physical touching becomes uncomfortable.


"...a wonderful way to address the important issue of a child's right to "own" his own body and to say "no" to even the most loved adult who is making him feel uncomfortable or overstimulating him. By structuring the story around a benign adult, Ms. Aboff avoids falling into the stereotype that most good touch/bad touch books fall into. At the same time, she succeeds admirably in offering parents an excellent opening into this difficult subject."
- Irene Wineman-Marcus
Child Psychoanalyst and Author

"....I am very excited about using Uncle Willy's Tickles with children who I work with in my private practice."
- Dr. Roger Maitland

I believe Uncle Willy's Tickles serves a real need in our curriculum and would have no hestitation in recommending this book to other teachers in my school.
- Joan Goldberg
1st Grade Teacher

...The children understand, in very simple terms, that any touching that felt uncomfortable should not be tolerated and the child should express his feelings and concerns. This book is very appropriate for young children and definitely could be used as a lesson starter."
- Elena High
3rd Grade Teacher


The Hot Shots
Celebration Press - Pearson Learning

A fast and funny basketball game is the works when the 6th graders and teachers battle it out at the annual Students vs. Teachers basketball game! Brian Chang is the captain of the 6th grade team, The Hot Shots, but the way the team is playing together, he just knows "they're going to get slaughtered and buried by the teachers on 'The A Team.'" Brian and his hapless friends think of strategies to win - like spying on the teachers or loading up on the new sports drink called Zing that promises you'll beat the competition, but nothing seems to work in this funny true-to-life story.


Building a Winner
Celebration Press - Pearson Learning

Kyle is so excited - he just got the latest issue of Linx magazine and there's a contest for building a new linx model. Kyle and his brother, Justin, and friend Rosa brainstorm and start building the greatest linx robot ever - Galaxa the Great! But two of Kyle's classmates have different ideas on who will be the winner when they start building an even better linx model! Who will be the winner? Find out who really has the linx skills....


Josh and TJ
Modern Curriculum Press - Pearson Learning

Josh and T.J. are best friends. But now that T.J. has moved three hours away, Josh feels lonely without him. The two boys traded "razzle stones" all the time and never asked for trade-backs. Now to make things worse, a new kid, Scott, moves in next door where T.J. and his family used to live. And this kid is weird - not like T.J. at all! But when Josh goes inside Scott's house, he can't believe what he sees..........


Hootie Joins In
Modern Curriculum Press - Pearson Publishing

Hootie, a great horned owl, is delighted to find a new oak tree to live in. However, his new neighbors, 'The Oak Tree Songbirds', keep Hootie awake by singing all day when Hootie is trying to sleep. Havoc ensues amongst the birds, until they finally work together to devise a clever solution to their problem.


Open Your Eyes, Sidney Miffet!
Seedling Publications
(Part of a little book collection for growing readers)

Sidney's parents are always taking pictures of him - at his birthday, the zoo, the school science fair, and every other chance they can. But in all the pictures, Sidney blinks. One day when Sidney loses his tooth, his Mom grabs her camera and the picture that develops
surprises the whole family.


CLIFFORD, The Big Red Dog!
Clifford, the Big Red Dog, will keep kids busy for hours with my four activity/coloring books


Shrek, Madagascar, Over the Hedge, Holly Hobbie and others!
Get into the fun with character activity books packed with mazes, connect-the-dots, word searches, stickers, window clings, and much, much more!

Magazine Stories-FREE
My short stories have been published in HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN, SPIDER, CHILDREN'S PLAYMATE, ON-THE-LINE, and COUNT DOWN magazines. I'd be happy to send you FREE copies upon request. Please e-mail me with your contact information.

Selected Books

A "tasty" easy-to-read!
A rhyming, riddle story at Jo-Jo's Jumbo Jelly Bean Shop. Can YOU guess the jelly bean flavor?
A Variety of Nonfiction
Appealing, informative nonfiction books to spark interest and curiosity!
Especially For Schools - Leveled Reading Books!
Character-building stories with a little heart, a little humor, and some twists and turns along the way ...
Fiction - Ages 7-10
Hayley is thrilled when she begins raising a guide-dog puppy, but when the time comes to give Pilot up, Hayley isn't sure she can.
Fiction - Ages 4 - 8
Kyle's favorite uncle likes to tickle the kids - but Kyle doesn't like it. How can he say "no" to his beloved Uncle?
Fiction - Ages 9 - 12
A 6th grade student vs. teacher basketball game is at stake. Brian is the captain of the Hot Shots, but he's only a fair player at best - He just knows the 6th graders are going to get slaughtered!
Fiction - Ages 7 - 9
Linx are the cool new building toys that all the kids love to play with. But can Kyle's model beat the others?
Fiction - Ages 8 - 11
Josh is feeling terrible-his very best friend has just moved away. He even loses his best 'Razzle Stones.' Nothing could be worse until.....
Fiction - Ages 5 - 7
Hootie, a great horned owl, has finally found the perfect tree to live in...until the other birds in the tree have a different idea..
Fiction - Ages 4 - 7
Sidney always blinks whenever his picture is taken. Will he EVER keep his eyes open?
Fun Activity Books
Everybody's favorite big red dog, CLIFFORD, is back with my four activity books.
Fun activity books based on movies like Shrek, Madagascar, Over the Hedge, and Holly Hobby!
Magazine Stories
Stories in 'Highlights For Children', 'Spider' and others. Contact me for FREE copies!