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Building a Winner


The idea behind BUILDING A WINNER came about because my house is full of construction models! From plastic pieces that snap together to marbles that slide down towers to cardboard pieces that fit together to make dinosaurs and birds and airplanes.

One of the building model sets comes with a monthly magazine that is mailed to our house. Inside there are an assortment of models that people have made.

I thought of an idea for a new construction set and called it LINX. Then I thought about having a competition, where two groups of friends would enter a contest to see who could build the best linx model.

The hardest part of writing this book was when the editor had called and asked me to send her a drawing of what 'linx' look like. Since I'm not an illustrator (I wish!) I had to draw what I thought linx pieces might look like (I think that took longer than writing the actual book!)