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The Giant Jelly Bean Jar

The Idea....

This book was a lot of fun to write. When my three children were younger and we were trying to pass the time, driving on a trip, or stuck in traffic or waiting in line, I would make up rhyming questions to keep them busy. I'd ask them "name a fruit that rhymes with beach" or "tell me the name of an animal that rhymes with hat".

I expanded upon the idea. I've always loved jelly beans and there is jelly bean company that has dozens and dozens of jelly bean flavors, so I thought of making a whole jelly bean shop and called it Jo-Jo's Jumbo Jelly Bean Shop.

I incorporated my riddle games with the jelly bean theme and thus THE GIANT JELLY BEAN JAR was born. The kids love guessing the jelly bean riddles. (And then they sometimes make up their own riddle games!)