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Raising Pilot


Children love animals and raising a guide-dog puppy is a special, rewarding experience.

I researched many schools across the country that breed guide-dogs, and although their policies are slightly different, they all have a common goal - the breeding, raising and training of select puppies to eventually help visually impaired people.

Families and individuals raise these puppies until the puppy is a mature dog (at about 14-18 months). At that time, the dog goes for more formal training. When the dog passes all of his/her "tests," the dog is then paired with a blind person.

Raising guide-dog puppies is a positive and enriching experience for many childen, especially when they realize how much their time and love can help make such a difference in the life of another person.

With two future authors/illustrators!
Cornwells School, Bensalem, PA