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Uncle Tony's Tickles

The Idea...

UNCLE TONY'S TICKLES is a very special book for me - It was my first published book, but I truly felt there was a need for this kind of book. (Former title - Uncle Willy's Tickles)

I've read this book in classrooms and to parents. It has been used and endorsed by psychiatrists, educators, parents and caregivers.

I had researched and found a few instructional children's books published about 'good touches' and 'bad touches,' but not much in a fiction format for young children. I wanted a book that a parent, teacher, or other caregiver could share with a child in a comfortable, non-threatening way. Since Uncle Tony is a beloved uncle and 'good guy,' the story could be told just as it is, or it can be used as a springboard to talk about more detailed issues involving body safety, boundaries, bullying, and more.  

This book was first published by the American Psychological Association children's division (Magination Press) from 1996-2021.  Safe4Kids reissued the book with a new design and illustrations in 2022 with a new forward by Dr. Jane Annunziata, Psy.D.


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